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MI-UCP | Jack
Let's Close the Disability Divide
for Jack 

Wearable Therapy is closing the disability divide for Jack.


“This is our son Jack, he is four years old,” as introduced by his parents, Rob and Colleen.


“When Jack was about six months old, he was just like any other normal little kid playing on the ground and one day we noticed that he was using one side of his body more than the other…Colleen actually was the one that noticed it, that his right hand was a little bit more fisted than the left.”


“She's the one who really pushed it and we went to see a neurologist. Ultimately, we ended up having a brain scan done on Jack when he was about seven months old and they found out that he did have a stroke.”


“ a result of the stroke, he does have cerebral palsy, so it affects his right hand and his right foot.”


“We've been very excited about the opportunity to come into contact with MI-UCP, such a great organization. They're able to work and help all different kinds of kids and families and adults. We just love the idea of connecting with other parents and families who have gone through different challenges. We like that it's inclusive of different disabilities as well. It's just been such a great organization to get involved in.”


“...we have been fortunate that we have found lots of great resources and just the therapy to help jack. One of the resources we found was AxioBionics…”


In just 3 months of using the BioSleeve from our new MI-UCP partner, Axiobionics, there was a reduced atrophy in his right arm, the hand is now opened and relaxed, and his arm usage increased from 25% to 50%. 


“So, with the AxioBionics, it basically thinks for him where that part of his brain is not sending the signal to open his hand and use his foot correctly, this is doing that for him.”


“Today he plays golf, he plays baseball, he plays soccer, he can drive a tractor... he is able to do most things that kids can do. It just looks a little bit different for him. What I love about Jack is that he has the tenacity to keep trying.”


Now is the time to help kids like Jack, and more than a million other Michiganders, close the disability divide.

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