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Imagine a youngster being unable to join their friends outdoors because their home’s steps are a constant, back-breaking barrier. This unfortunate scenario is a reality for too many children with disabilities who use wheelchairs.

That’s why since 2008, more than 200 QuickRamps for Kids have been awarded by MI-UCP. Every ramp is making a life-changing difference in closing the disability divide for these Michigan kids and families.


QuickRamps are a simple, portable ramp solution for children who use a wheelchair. Unlike costly built-to-order ramps, QuickRamps are inexpensive and immediately functional. Upon delivery, just open the box, pick it up, and place the ramp over the home’s stairs.These ramps are easy to fold and transport, allowing a world of different locations to become more accessible.


If you’re interested in applying for a QuickRamp from MI-UCP, you can download and complete the application here

Or email us at


To help set your expectations, please know the demand for QuickRamps is significant. And while the funding MI-UCP receives through foundations is generous, we’re currently unable to fulfill every request. 


Let’s close the disability divide for every Michigan child with a disability who uses a wheelchair. Now is the perfect moment for you to act on your feelings. Because they’re true.

Quick Ramps for Kids
Ramps for Independence

Ramps for Independence is a MI-UCP program designed to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities, seniors and veterans with low to moderate income by making their housing more accessible. People who use wheelchairs or other mobility devices need ramps to get in and out of their homes. The cost of a ramp is often prohibitive for people with low to moderate income and building programs are very limited here in Michigan. That is why the Ramps for Independence program from MI-UCP is so important so we can close the disability divide for more Michiganders.

To find out more, contact

Click for an application.

Ramps for Independence
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