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MI-UCP | Cam
Let's Close the Disability Divide
for Cam 

Resourcefulness and innovation are helping to close the

disability divide for Cam.

Cam was born at 30 weeks prematurely. He weighed only three pounds, eight ounces. Rushed into the NICU he stayed there for 38 days. At 11 months, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and also some vision issues.


“We were very fortunate that he had a preschool in the area where he went and actually had special needs services. He did that from the age of two and a half. Cam got on a large school bus at the age of two and a half.”


“We just are a positive family. Even though there are challenges in his daily life, he goes after everything. I think for Cam, his biggest challenge is really gaining independence. The powered wheelchair helps him do that.”


“When Cam was little, we were looking for what we could do in the community. Where could we go? Where could we get help and assistance? What outreach did we have?  MI-UCP emerged as a portal to a wealth of resources and information as Cam ages.”


Cam is now 13 and in 7th grade. He uses a computer for school as well as to send audio messages to friends and family. Additionally, Cam loves to challenge his dad on the Xbox with an adaptive controller that allows him to be co-pilot.


MI-UCP has become a go to resource for the Weatherfords and many other Michigan families.“Just being able to go to one central location for all of Michigan, MI-UCP is a great portal for that.”


Cam also loves the beach, but needed a safe way to enjoy the sand and sun. After much research, his dad built out a PVC pipe and some large fat tires a beach wheelchair called The Cam Mobile.


“Although Cam is labeled with a disability, we tell people he just has different abilities than other people. If there's a sport or if there's an activity, we take him to everything.”

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