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MI-UCP | Evan and Miles
Let's Close the Disability Divide
for Evan and Miles

For Evan and Miles, closing the disability divide

took perseverance and a miracle.


Miles and Evan are now 23 years old. They were due December 1; they came August 26. Miles was given a 50-50 chance to survive the day he was born and Evan the typical course for a preemie. Both were diagnosed with cerebral palsy.


Their mother Andrea says, “The boys had many roads to cross, many rivers to go over, and they never lost their wonderfulness. They never lost the sense of who they were. We always dealt with them like the whole person, not to focus on their disability, but to focus on their ability.”


Miles has participated in marching band, played golf and now works full time in the food service industry.


Darryl, their father, says about Miles, “He's been able to live a pretty full life.”


“I am so grateful for my sons because they have taught me a lot,” Andrea says.


“Evan will never be able to live on his own,” Darryl stated.  “He will always need services so that he can continue to grow as an adult and as an individual.”


Evan really wanted to play baseball, but Andrea and Darryl wondered how that would be possible.


“I was at a vendor fair and The Miracle League of Michigan was right next to me,” Andrea said. “We have been involved with The Miracle League ever since…he’ll be 50 years old still playing baseball with The Miracle League.”


Darryl notes, “We're very grateful to the organizations that have helped us over the years. One of the things that you don’t know when you have a child that has challenges is where those resources are or what resources are available. I would tell parents don’t be afraid to advocate for your child...”


MI-UCP is one of the important resources this family turned to for information, referral and advocacy.


“You want to know that you have an organization that you could truly count on,” Andrea says. “With MI-UCP, you're going to get the information and know that you're going to be directed in the right way.”

Darryl: "I would tell parents,…Don’t be afraid to advocate for your child and take advantage of the resources that are available.”


Whether you have a newborn or your child is moving into adulthood, MI-UCP is here to help close the disability divide for families and all 1.4 million Michiganders. To learn more, check out the full list of Information and Referral Sources.

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