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MI-UCP | John
Let's Close the Disability Divide
for John

For John, closing the disability divide is all about

budgeting, bill-paying and being kind.


Although John has cerebral palsy and is legally blind, he loves to draw.


“I've been using my motorized wheelchair since I was 12.”


While school was a very hard thing because of his lack of vision, he has been living on his own since the age of 18.


“I live in my own apartment with help from staff, 24-hour care. They help me with care as far as cleaning, cooking, showering, just doing the basic necessities of life and getting around…because of some of my limitations, there's obstacles…”


Recently, John has discovered drawing.

“I use the colored pencils better because they’re thinner. It's not hard to use.”


John began having difficulty figuring out his budget. The MI-UCP Representative Payee Program stepped in to help.


“MI-UCP has done many, helping me pay my bills and everything. They've helped me out in that way and that is a big job. I could not do it because of just finances and being able to keep track of money. It's just not a very good combination for me. To figure that out is a job. They have done a super, super job.”


This program has made John’s life easier.


“MI-UCP has just made my life very wonderful.”


At MI-UCP, we believe everyone has the right to  live to the best of their abilities and go as far as their  ambitions will take them. Together, we can help  John and more than a million other Michiganders to close the disability divide. 


For more information about the Representative Payee Program, contact

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