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MI-UCP | Elijah
Let's Close the Disability Divide
for Elijah

A portable wheelchair ramp is closing the disability divide for Elijah.

“It's been hard and it's been easy. Overall, we try to make the best of the cards we were dealt, so we do good.”


Elijah is a 17-year-old young man with cerebral palsy who depends on a wheelchair and his mom, Augusta, to get out into the world.


“I would try to get him out,” said Augusta. “Pushing him through the neighborhood in his wheelchair. I let him go fishing, and different things like that. He goes bowling and then one of my neighbors actually donated him the little bowling ramp.”


After shoulder surgery, Augusta began having difficulty helping her son move through life. She contacted MI-UCP about the QuickRamp for Kids Program, filled out the application and soon knew the ease of a portable wheelchair ramp.


“The ramp that we received from MI-UCP, it helped us to get him in and out of the house more safe,” stated Augusta. “We almost fell down the stairs with him…the ramp came in handy,we can bring him in and out. I don't have that fear of us falling down the stairs with him anymore.”


If you believe a ramp (portable or permanent) could help close the disability divide for you or a loved one, contact or download the application here.

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