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MI-UCP | Nacier
Let's Close the Disability Divide
for Nacier 

A touchscreen laptop is closing the disability divide for

Nacier (and Grandma Geraldine).


Nacier is a tall, lanky 16 year-old, who has a love of sports and family, He also has a cognitive learning disability. His grandmother, Geraldine, was trying to figure out a way to help him. “I met Kathy (from MI-UCP) and I was telling her about all the problems Nacier was having in school.”

“Kathy was telling me that MI-UCP had a program that they would pay for a laptop… that would be real good for him because that way, I could look at his homework online.”

That MI-UCP program is called the Bellows Fund, and Geraldine found out that Nacier qualified for a grant specific to assistive technology. In this case a touchscreen laptop.


The application process was fast and easy. “Kathy set it up and took it to the proper people to get it set up so he could get a computer…she went a move and beyond.”


In Nacier’s words, “I have problems understanding words and stuff. I over-read it.” His new computer actually is programmed to read to him allowing Nacier to listen and read along.


Geraldine felt fortunate, “I’m on a fixed income, so I couldn't afford it myself. I'm really thankful for that.”


“MI-UCP helped me with Nacier being able to do his schoolwork even before the pandemic. Had he not gotten the computer from them, then we would be lost because I wouldn't have resources to get a computer. Words can't say what a great resource it was to get the computer.”

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